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The explosion of passion and creativity in essence, this is the mood of AmorAmargo, a new way to interpret fashion with a strong focus on contemporary fashion.
Play with creativity is the watchword of AmorAmargo in a mix and match of absolute renewal and revolution of forms and colors. Heads also hand painted with unexpected techniques. The constant attention to the materials, the study of it, in a contemporary absolute, make the team AmorAmargo unique items. 
AmorAmargo experiences in the field of new treatment techniques Including weave vintage, to give them new forms and a new appeal. Stronger than the demon of creativity, multicultural influences and legible artistic fury with a very intense and passionate Mediterranean matrix. “AmorAmargo” is revolution. Where the design meets creativity with the result of a small form goes beyond clothes and gathers if the original artistic revolution leaders do and unique. spanish passion and Italian creativity, but above all love: AmorAmargo really!

“I’ve satisfied many lovers of the new and eccentric with the sketches that popped into my head and the less they understood them, the more they admired them! Having fun with this little joke, I’ve been able to create this brand. However, when I am alone by myself I don’t have the courage to consider myself as an artist in the great and noble meaning of the term. Maybe I am just a “crazy” person who understands his time and exploits the vanity and the narcissism of his contemporaries. My name is AMARGO, but everyone calls me AmorAmargo.”